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Sewer Pipe Repair in Columbus, GA

The Water, Gas & Sewer Repair Experts

Blocked drains, leaky pipes, and broken sewers can all result in serious problems. That's why you should call Best Choice Plumbing for complete water, gas, and sewer repair in Columbus, GA. We use professional techniques to fix any problem.

Leaking Pipes

If you notice water damage in your home or a spike in your water bill, you may have a leaking pipe. We use sophisticated leak detection techniques to locate the problem and repair or replace the affected section of pipe.


Blockages can be caused by hair, paper products, food waste, grease, roots, and other substances. A blocked pipe can result in anything from slow drainage to sewage backing up into your toilet, sink, tub, or shower. And, a clogged or broken line could even form puddles of water or sewage in your yard. We use a high-tech video inspection system to identify and remove the blockage without digging up your pipes. Our sewer pipe repair solutions are designed to save time and money while protecting your property's landscaping.

Sewer Repair in Columbus, GA

Gas Lines

Many water heaters and other appliances are powered by natural gas. We install and maintain gas lines, ensuring they are safe and up to code. If you suspect you may have a gas leak, call us immediately. We'll come to your location and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.